Import Twitch Markers to Premiere Pro (Extension)

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Import Twitch Markers to Premiere Pro (Extension)

Gammel Sami
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Display the timestamps of Twitch Clips (and Markers) inside Premiere Pro to edit your Stream highlights even faster!


How to import Twitch markers (and clips data) using Premiere Pro extension

✂ Edit faster

Instantly find the interesting sections of your VOD.

📈 Grow faster

Pushing your Twitch highlights to YouTube & co. is the best way to grow your stream. Speed up that process!

✨ Better result

Never accidentally cut out good parts again.

Never used Twitch Stream Markers before?

4 tips to easily set Twitch markers while streaming

1. Using Elgato Stream Deck's Twitch Marker Function

2. Using Quick Actions on your Stream Manager Dashboard

Twitch's Stream Manager Dashboard with Stream Marker Button

How to enable the "Add Stream Marker" Button on Twitch Dashboard

3. Using your phone

4. Delegate!

  • People with Editor role or above can type /marker or /marker <description> in chat.
  • Or use Nightbot to let everyone use !marker command.


1. How to install the extension

  1. Install the Extension Manager. (Or try this alternative)
  2. Drag & Drop the extension file on the Extension Manager window. (The Creative Cloud app may need to be installed for the Extension Manager to work.)

2. How to export markers and clips data from Twitch

How to export markers and clips data from Twitch

  1. Open your Video Producer on Twitch.
  2. Click "Highlight" on the VOD you are editing in Premiere.
  3. Click the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  4. "Download Clips Data (.csv)" only contains Clips from Editors so I always download the "Top Clips data".

ℹ Users with Editor role or above can also download Twitch clips and marker data. So you don't have to download it and send it your editor. Editors can just visit the URL: dashboard.twitch.tv/u/CHANNEL_NAME_HERE

⚠ Rembember: Twitch deletes your VODs after 14-60 days!

3. How to import Twitch markers to Premiere Pro

Twitch Clips & Marker Importer Extension for Premiere Pro

  1. Insert the entire Twitch VOD into your sequence first!
  2. Open extension panel (Windows -> Extensions).
  3. Select or Drag & Drop .csv file(s).
  4. Choose marker color(s).
  5. Click the Import button. You can choose between two targets: current sequence or selected clips.

What's the difference?

Premiere Pro Clip Markers VS. Sequence Markers

Premiere Pro Clip Markers VS. Sequence Markers

I recommend using clip markers because sequence markers will desynchronize from your video when moving clips by mouse.

⚠ If you still want to work with sequence markers, I highly recommend to enable "Ripple Sequence Markers" to prevent them from desynchronizing when using "ripple delete":

Adobe Premiere Pro option that moves sequence markers when using "ripple delete"


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